• Processing method of copper anode slime

  • A processing method of copper anode slime involves decoppering saturation and leaching of selenium from decoppered slime or products of its saturation in an alkaline solution Leaching of selenium is performed in a solution that contains a reducing agent namely watersoluble organic or nonorganic compounds providing a normal oxidation
  • quotProcessing of copper refinery anode slimesquot by Shrirang

  • A study of commercial copper refinery anode slimes has been conducted to evaluate the separation of valuable metals contained in the slimes The slimes contain substantial quantities of Ag Sn Au Pb and Cu The values were present principally as AgCl SnO2 Au PbSO4 Cu and CuSO4 A RoastLeachRoastLeach RLRL technique solubilized up to 91 pct of the Ag and 99 pct of the Cu from raw
  • for recovery Hydrometallurgical CORE

  • allurgical process to recover the valuable metals present in the anode slime obtained from Indian Copper Complex Ghatsila The detailed characterisation and analyses of the slime have been carried out Since the anode slime of ICC Ghatsila contains major amount of copper and nickel extraction of these metals from the
  • Copper electrolysis equipment treatment processNews

  • Aug 12 2021 Copper electrolysis treatment and reuse equipment is composed of multiple IGBT automatic power control modules which belong to digital pulse power equipment A semiautomatic vertical mold is used when casting the anode plate In order to shorten the electrolysis cycle the thickness of the anode is generally controlled at 10 mm to 30 mm
  • Process for the Recovery of Gold from Anode Slimes

  • Aug 15 2013 The general process for the hydrometallurgical treatment of anode slimes is described by J E Hoffmann and K E Sutliff in their paper entitled Hydrometallurgical Processing of Kennecott Refinery Slimes ibid Electrolytic refinery slimes ie anode slimes usually contain between 10 and 40 elemental copper Since copper can complicate
  • Copper Ore Processing Plant Equipment For Sale Prominer

  • Besides high quality of copper processing equipment can be sourced from Prominer Copper Processing Plant description There are mainly three types of copper ore sulfide type copper ore oxide type copper ore and mixed ore Based on abundant experiences on copper mining project Prominer supplies customized solution for different types of
  • Recovering gold from anode slimes using a green extractant

  • Chloride leaching of anode slimes is generally considered as being the preferred method of gold extraction from anode slimes After leaching gold is recovered from the gold and copperbearing solution by solvent extraction SX using a petroleumbased extractant often diluted in
  • COPPER 99 COBRE 99

  • Copper and Industrial Outlook Markets and Trends Copper Applications and Fabrication Fabrication Copper This presentation describes the process and equipment installed in the refinery the steps leading to the startup the operation and the results obtained sign and operation of the anode slimes facility including decopperizing
  • Copper Anode Slime Metalcess

  • Copper Anode Slime Anode slime is a byproduct of copper or lead electrorefining process and found in electrolytic cell bottom or on the anode scrap surface The copper anode slime and lead anode slime usually contain precious metals like gold and silver Depending on the treatment capacity process of anode slime recovery is achieved by two
  • Copper Anode Slime RecoveryCopper Metalcess

  • Copper Anode Slime Recovery Anode slime is a byproduct from copper or lead electrorefining process The copperlead anode slime usually contain As Sb Bi and precious metals like gold and silver Smelter of anode slime is most likely divided into two groups by the two different recovery processes based on its property and treatment capacity ie pyrometallurgy and hydrometallurgy
  • kolkata aurubis copper anode refining machines

  • Copper Anode Slimes Processing Equipment Copper Anode Slime Processing Plant In Finland View kristian lillkungs profile on linkedin the worlds largest professional communitycyanide leaching plant unit and hydrometallurgical anode slime treatment plantprojects and Kristian Lillkung Hydrometallurgical Get Price
  • Copper Refining Electrolyte and Slime Processing

  • Copper electrorefining CuER is the principal method for producing 70 of high or 9997 pure copper cathodes from 9799 pure blisterfire refinedscrap copper anodes While the inert and most of less soluble impurities settle as anode slimesludge other soluble impurities particularly the metalloids group VA15 elements or Q As Sb and Bi and some transition metals Mt codissolved
  • Copper Electrorefining Process Anode Slime

  • Copper Electrorefining Process Anode Slime A new approach for the treatment of copper electrorefining anode slime based on hydrometallurgical route involving sulfuric acid leaching with additives such as manganese dioxide and sodium chloride has been developed at national metallurgical laboratory nml jamshedpur india mineralogical characterization of the anode slime and the residues
  • Processing of copper electrorefining anode slime Request

  • Dec 01 2009 The industrial process chain for recovering the metal values from copper anode slimes is often tailored based on the features of the raw materials and it
  • Operations Sterlite Copper A Unit of Vedanta Limited

  • Electrolysis process deposits pure copper 9999 on the stainless steel cathode plates The impurities and precious metals contained in anodes settle down as anode slimes Cathodes are then automatically washed stripped and packed The material handling equipment is sourced from Wenmec
  • Recycling Free FullText Primary Copper Smelter and

  • In pyrometallurgical process steps all the noble metals will dissolve into matte black copper blister copper and anode copper During electrolysis the noble metals end up in anode slime from where they can be recovered by pyrometallurgical and electrolytic methods
  • Copper Electrolysis Equipment Copper Electrolysis

  • Introduction of workmanship Copper electrolysis treatment recycling equipment mainly according to the principle of electrolytic copper blister copper purification separation of metal parts by intermediate frequency smelting casting into copper electrolysis anode electrolytic copper as used in the process of PCB manufacture a wide range of the nonferrous metals rare earth metal and precious
  • Settling Properties of Copper Electrorefining Anode Slimes

  • Jan 01 2019 In optimal electrorefining process the settling rate of anode slime is sufficiently high to avoid the risk of getting the slime entrapped in copper cathodes In this research the settling properties of copper electrorefining bottom slimes mainly consisting of Cu Ni Ag Se Pb As Bi Sb and Ba compounds were studied by settling rate tests
  • Processing of copper electrorefining anode slime a review

  • Jul 18 2013 Abstract Anode slime is the insoluble product deposited at the bottom of the electrorefining tank during electrorefining of copper It generally contains Cu Ni Se Te Ag Au platinum group metals PGM Pb Ba Fe etc Owing to the presence of valuable metals and metalloids in the anode slime numerous approaches have been made by the researchers to extract them following
  • Solvent Extraction of GoldIII with Diethyl Carbonate

  • Jun 01 2020 Anode slime is produced during the electrorening of impure copper anodes to produce pure copper cathodes2627 The insoluble impurities of the copper anodes are collected at the bottom of the electrolysis cell as a slime Depending on the production process of the copper anodes the slime contains copper nickel tin antimony

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