• Control of multiactuator electrohydraulic shaking tables

  • A control algorithm for multiactuator electrohydraulic shakers has been developed The multiinput multioutput controller uses the acceleration of three points of a table as its main feedback signals In addition there are velocity and force feedbacks to provide greater accuracy in input tracking and to achieve a stable system The controller parameters are independent of the load
  • Shaking Table Methodology and Instrumentation for

  • A new shaking table facility has been recently commissioned at RMC The table is comprised of a steel platform with plan dimensions of 26 m by 33 m and is driven by a 250 kN capacity actuator with maximum horizontal acceleration of 1g at 125 mm stroke with full payload Excitation is in the horizontal direction one degree of freedom only The
  • US6189385B1 Shaking table and method of controlling the

  • A shaking table according to the present invention comprises a table for loading a specimen under test placed on a base via bearings an oilhydraulic actuator for shaking the table fixed onto the
  • US6189385B1 Shaking table and method of controlling the

  • A shaking table according to the present invention comprises a table for loading a specimen under test placed on a base via bearings an oilhydraulic actuator for shaking the table fixed onto the base an acceleration detector for detecting the acceleration of the table means for detecting the differential pressure in the piston portion of
  • US5724893A Servotype shaking table assembly Google

  • A shaking table assembly includes a plurality of first linear guides arranged in parallel with each other A supporting table is slidably mounted on the first linear guides along a longitudinal direction thereof A plurality of second linear guides are fixedly mounted on a top surface of the supporting table and are arranged in parallel with each other and perpendicular to the plurality of
  • Multi Axes Shaking Table

  • an earthquake shaking table This system is for shaking structural models or building components with a wide range of simulated ground motions including reproductions of recorded earthquakes timehistories While modern tables typically consist of a rectangular platform that is driven in up to six degrees of freedom 6DOF by servohydraulic
  • Shaking table substructure testing based on

  • applied sciences Article Shaking Table Substructure Testing Based on ThreeVariable Control Method with Velocity Positive Feedback Guoshan Xu 123 Zhen Wang 1234 Yintong Bao 5 Ge Yang 4 and Bin Wu 4 1 School of Civil Engineering Harbin Institute of Technology Harbin 150090 China xuguoshanhiteducn 2 Key Lab of Structures Dynamic Behavior and Control Ministry of Education
  • Need To apply external vibration Ansys Learning Forum

  • Apr 02 2018 The type of shaker table actuator depends on the frequency you want to apply If you want to go down into the single digit number of Hz between 1 and 10 Hz then you must use a hydraulic actuator Lansmont is one company that makes hydraulic shaker tables If your lower limit is above 10 Hz then you can also use electrodynamic shakers such
  • Modelbased motion control for multiaxis servohydraulic

  • Aug 01 2016 A 5 m 5 m 6 DOF shaking table with 7 actuators and 20 t capacity In this paper a practical motion control method is presented for shaker tables Modal control is used ie the modes of vibration of the table are controlled individually and this requires a parameter varying controller with online modal decomposition to account for the
  • Vibration Shaker Actuator Products amp Suppliers

  • Equipped with an allaxis vibration system the TCB13 utilizes four pneumatically actuated vibration hammers providing 6 dof random vibration with xyz axis and roll pitch and yaw rotation The chamber comes standard with two Application Semiconductors
  • Vibration Control and AntiVibration Tables

  • Extensive Vibration Control Capabilities for Over 50 Years With over 50 years of vibration control and vibration isolation design and manufacturing experience Newport has become the industry standard for optical tables isolation systems and vibration control products Fundamentals of Vibration Control Optical Table System Design
  • Hydraulic Simulation Table Moog Inc

  • Hydraulic Simulation Tables For High Performance And Reliability A Hydraulic Simulation Table sometimes also known as a multiaxis shaker table is a dynamic system designed to perform research and development tests This dynamic Simulation Table is comprised of a platform that is as compact and light as possible and a base jig consisting of
  • Shake Table Control Fidelity in Signal

  • Ideal Shaking Table vs Reality Ideal shaking table Reproduces commanded motion exactly Is characterized by a transfer function with unit gain and zero phase shift over its entire operating frequency range under loaded table condition 1 15 Ideal Reality 0 5 10 15 20 25 0 05 FrequencyHz HDue to various peaks and valleys in the shaking
  • Analysis of shaking tablestructure interaction effects

  • Interaction effects between shaking table and structure are first studied by analysing the response of a two DOF degree of freedom oscillator with mechanical properties representative of the actuatortablestructure system A single DOF viscoelastic oscillator representing the structural test specimen is then included in the analytical model
  • PDF Shaking Table Dynamics Results from a Test

  • It is well known that the dynamic identification of a model fixed on a shaking table is a crucial task due to the interaction between the complex dynamic actuators system and the model itself
  • Angular Actuators for Shaker Table Mechanical

  • Jan 08 2003 Angular Actuators for Shaker Table becma27 Mechanical OP 8 Jan 03 1244 I have a three axis shaker table being used for some simulations and currently the x and y axises are controlled with linear voice coil actuators on opposite edges of the 3 foot square table in a pushpull configuration This works well until about plus minus 2 degrees
  • Experimental study of a new kind of doublelayer shaking table

  • Jun 04 2021 The upper table is fixed atop the lower table and equipped with a shortstroke actuator which can generate highfrequency excitations The FFTIFFT signal separation process threevariable control algorithm and feedforward compensation technique are employed to control the shaking table
  • Effects of Interaction between Dual Shaking Tables and

  • L is the force in the actuator e shaking table array system is composed of multiple shaking tables In addition to the force in the actuator and the interaction between the shaking table and specimen the force acting on the shaking table also includes additional force generated by the nonsynchronous output of shaking tables
  • A pneumatic shaking table and its application to a

  • Nov 10 2012 The shaking tables that are used in earthquake engineering are normally driven by hydraulic actuators which require high maintenance and operation costs In some studies when it is only desirable to conduct smallscaled model tests a pneumatic shaking table can be considered as an alternative to a hydraulic shaking table This paper describes the design development calibration
  • CUNEES Instructional Shaking Table

  • Our instructional shake table system consists of an APS ElectroSeis Model 113 Shaker actuator driven by an APS DualMode power amplifier Model 114EP The amplifier is controlled using a LabVIEW VI which will be described later The actuator has overtravel sensors for both directions which are wired to a remote shutdown box In

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