• A pen exploded in my clothes dryer How can I clean the dryer

  • A pen exploded in my clothes dryer How can I clean the dryer ANSWER 0 Lew Day First you should determine what kind of ink has been spread around your dryer Also the answer could depend on whether or not a large amount of lint is stuck to the ink as this may decrease the effectiveness of some cleaning methods
  • A pen exploded in my dryer I cleaned the dryer out as

  • A pen exploded in my dryer I cleaned the dryer out as best I could but is there anything I can do about the ink that is all over my clothes ANSWER 0 Anonymous ANSWERS 1 haggardmom Im sorry to hear that that happened It may be a lost cause to remove the ink from the clothes
  • How to Get Pen Stains Out of Clothing After It Is Washed

  • A pen stain on clothing isnt too hard to remove but after washing and drying the garment stain removal becomes much more difficult You dont have to turn your favorite Tshirt into rags or wear a sweatshirt over it to cover up the stain Penstained clothing that has been washed and dried isnt
  • How Do I Get Ballpoint Pen Ink Out Of My Polyester Shirt

  • Answer 1 of 1 In answer to your question about how to get ballpoint pen ink out of your polyester shirt you will be delighted to know there are several methods to do so1 Lay your shirt down on a flat surface use a white cloth underneath the stain so that it is not absorbed into the rest of your shirt during cleaning Apply rubbing alcohol to a fresh cloth and gently dab your shirt
  • How Do You Remove Ink From A Dryer Blurtit

  • Answer 1 of 6 Getting ink stains on your dryer is a fairly common phenomenon especially if you or one of your family members has accidentally left an ink pen in one of their pockets and then washed the garment in question without removing the pen There are several alternatives that are reputed to be quite effectiveThe first thing you could try is rubbing alcohol
  • Who Invented The Ballpoint Pen Was It Biro Or Bic Blurtit

  • Answer 1 of 8 The answer is them both Ladislao Biro was a Hungarian journalist who turned his mind to pen invention because he was thoroughly fed up with fountain pens As a busy reporter with deadlines he found smudged notes and ink stains on his clothes a disagreeable occupational hazardBut what really got on his goat was the fact that the printing presses used for producing newspapers
  • Cleaning Ink Out of a Dryer ThriftyFun

  • Apr 02 2012 April 2 2012 Make a solution of bleach and water Completely immerse some white towels in the solution and using rubber gloves wring out most of the water from the towels They should be just damp and not dripping Next throw the towels in the dryer and turn it on The bleach will take the ink out after one to two applications of this process
  • How Do I Remove Pen Ink That Exploded In My Dryer

  • Apr 26 2017 If the pen goes undiscovered after washing then it moves with the laundry to the dryer where it cannot only shower your dryer drum with ink but become baked onto the inside surfaces of the dryer Removing ink from the inside of the dryer requires a fair amount of scrubbing but it can likely be accomplished with items you already have in your
  • Battery went through a washing machine and dryer toss

  • Aug 06 2013 Posts 432 In short yes To go into more detail yes toss it out There is always a chance it will work however Lithium ion batteries do not like the washing machine treatment and it may be damaged in ways you cant tell from the outside You can buy a replacement 3rd party battery from BampH for a very little amount
  • Red ink pen exploded in dryer Ask Me Help Desk

  • Aug 07 2012 Emland Posts 2468 Reputation 496 Ultra Member Oct 25 2007 0437 PM Red ink pen exploded in dryer A red ink pen went through the washer okay but exploded in my electric dryer I have used Goo Gone with a clean rag turning often and am making headway but I dont think it will get off the Baked On ink
  • ink pen exploded in my dryer

  • Aug 27 2012 Cleaning and Restoration Plus Mold Mildew and Stain Removal ink pen exploded in my dryer help an ink pen was in the pocket of a garment and in the dryer it exploded
  • Ways to Remove Ink Stains from Dryers LoveToKnow

  • Dryer Drums When disaster strikes in the form of ink stains all is not lost Many people automatically trash garments that have dried ink stains on them but there are ways to remove ink stains from clothes The same goes for dryers When a forgotten pen explodes in the dryer there is no need to run out and buy a new machine
  • How to Remove Ink Wax or Dye From Washer or Dryer

  • Feb 08 2020 A pen gets left in a jeans pocket and explodes in the washer or dryer leaving ink all over the clothes and the appliance drum It could be that a melting stick of lip balm leaves spots on your khaki pants and a smear of greasy wax in the dryer Even that wonderful pair of new dark raw denim jeans can leave the inside of your dryer the same color
  • How do I remove ink from the drum of my dryer after a pen

  • Feb 23 2009 How do I remove ink from the drum of my dryer after a pen exploded inside Report This by Manage My Life February 23rd 2009 I have a Maytag dryer Two black pens exploded inside the drum Share it Get more answers from the people in your networks Tags Dryers Maytag Washers
  • How To Get Ink Stains Off Of Dryer Drum How

  • Feb 26 2020 My husbands ink pen exploded in the dryer Smear plain vegetable shortening onto the ink How do i safely get these stains out Step 3 scrub then scrub more The best way to clean the inside of a dryer and remove a nasty ink stain is to add two teaspoons of liquid dish soap to two cups of warm water Wet a cloth in the mixture without soaking it
  • How to Get Pen Marks Off the Inside of a Dryer Home

  • How to Get Pen Marks Off the Inside of a Dryer An innocuous blue or black mark on the inside of the dryer can mean disaster for your clothes When the ink leaks from a ballpoint or felttip pen
  • How to get pen out of dryer

  • How to get pen out of dryer Warning Can only detect less than 5000 charactersYou want to remove ink stains from dryer paddles Just spray off Insect repellent directly on the ink stains and clean with a clean cloth The active ingredients of the insect repellent help lift the stain so that you can clean with the cloth
  • NBR Help A pen exploded in my dryer how do I remove

  • Jul 03 2014 NBR Help A pen exploded in my dryer how do I remove all the ink from inside MrsSinner402 member July 2014 in October 2014 Moms DH mustve left a pen in his work pants The inside drum of our dryer is covered in ink Thankfully his work pants are all dark navy and it hasnt gotten on any of our clothes I need to get it out of there
  • How To Wash Off Pen Ink From Clothes Best Clothes Brand

  • Jul 23 2021 Remove fountain pen ink from hands so a pen exploded in your dryer 6 ways to remove a ballpoint pen stain remove ink stains stain removal how to cleanly erase pen ink from paper How To Remove Ink Stains From Clothes 4 Ways To Remove Ball Point Pen Stains From Cotton Wikihow
  • How To Clean Messes In The Dryer Housewife HowTos

  • Jul 27 2021 Whether youve discovered gum in your dryer or candy or even a broken pen melted crayons or lipstick all is not lost Youll even find help dealing with exploded feather pillows fabric dye stains and strange black scuffs in the dryer drum So read on How To Clean Messes In The Dryer

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